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Honest Review Of Teds Woodworking Plans

There are many homeowners who have been bitten by the woodworking bug and love do woodworking projects for their home on their own. Woodworking has been growing in popularity in the recent times and it is also one of the favorite pastimes and hobby ideas for many people. But, it is not easy to carry out a wood working project without the knowledge and basics of woodworking. No matter how much time you spend on woodworking or how much you know or you do not know about woodworking, having a good woodworking guide Along with you will help you to carry out the projects very easily and perfectly. There could be many different methods of carrying out woodworking jobs that you are not familiar with and you will end up doing woodworking jobs without plans for several days when they could be doing the simple way within a couple of days. Hence a woodworking guide will help in saving you time, money and effort and the best guide that you can think of is Teds Woodworking.

Demand for Teds Woodworking

You might have come across Ted Woodworking program and might have even heard that Ted McGrath’s wood working program is one of the best and the most popular programs that you can find on the internet. This program is very popular not just among novice woodworking enthusiasts and beginners, but also among experienced carpenters and people of all age groups who have a passion for carpentry. It is an ideal program that is easy to follow for all people who love carpentry. The Teds Woodworking guide has a wide variety of woodworking plans that are offered in simplified and easy to understand ways so that carpenters will be able to build a close to perfect furniture every single time. The plans given are very easy and simple to grasp, no matter if it is in 2D or 3D isometrics. Following this plan will help you to create the required furniture with just the required amount of material.

Who is Ted?    

The creator of the popular online book Teds Woodworking program is a qualified and certified woodworking expert by the name Ted McGrath. He has ample experience in professional woodworking and is also a well known trainer in carpentry works. He is well aware of every woodworking technique that you can imagine of and is one of the best woodworking experts you can think of. He has brought his working skills and his teaching skills into light through the Teds Woodworking program. The concepts of woodworking are explained in easy to understand concepts and this is why the book is very popular among first time carpenters as well as experienced ones. The Teds Woodworking guide has been developed and created by Ted McGrath after years of hard work and work experience on various woodworking plans.

Who Can Benefit From This Guide?

There are as many as 16,000 woodworking plans and projects in the Teds Woodworking online guide. These plans are very simple and easy to follow and have extraordinary structure. You will find detailed explanations for every woodworking plan and hence newbies and experienced craftsmen will find it easy to work on wood projects by following this guide. There are professional tips and advice as well as personal opinions offered in many of the woodworking plans and projects to help you to create attractive furniture projects without many hassles. A novice furniture craftsman will turn into an experienced craftsman by following the Ted Woodworking guide closely. The guide also contains a lot of tips and techniques as well as useful wood crafting ideas to turn a wood cragsman into a most sought after craftsman very soon.   

What The Guide Contains?

Teds woodworking plans has the following parts in it:

  • Introduction
  • Membership Area
  • Various Woodworking Plans
  • Bonus Documents
  • Tips and Guidelines To Start A Woodworking Business
  • Additional woodworking plans
  • Videos
  • DWG CAD File Viewer

Some of the benefits that you enjoy by opting for Teds Woodworking plans are:

  • Over 16,000 plans and projects are included in the package
  • There are self explanatory videos offered in the guide that will help you to easily work on tables, chairs, gazebo and outdoor sheds for your home.
  • All the varied tricks and techniques of carpentry are taught in this guide.
  • You can also learn about concepts you need to follow to start your own woodworking business.
  • You get free lifetime membership access once you have become a member of the Teds Woodworking guide.
  • The guide is very useful for beginners as well as advanced users and gives valuable tips on fastening, bonding, laminating and jointing.
  • The videos offered are in high quality and will provide you with different types of wood working approaches that you can follow to make your wood crating job simpler.
  • The guide also contains a complete list of equipments, materials and carpentry tools needed to complete each and every woodworking project.

Why People Buy This Guide?

Teds Woodworking guide is a comprehensive and easy to follow guide that deals with all woodworking plans and projects in a simple way. All the embers of this guide will be able to access information instantly online every time they wish to do so. You have the liberty of choosing any of the woodworking plans of your liking and carry on with it at your own pace. Members have the option to buy individual and necessary plans only. It is a cost effective method to have instant access to as many as 16,000 woodworking projects and plans at your fingertips.


The reviews given by many of the critics and evaluators are very encouraging and positive in the case of Teds Woodworking guide. The guide has a lot of positives to offer and is a trusted guide for all novice and well established carpenters. It will even help anyone with woodwork as his or her favorite pastime to create some of the most amazing wood products with minimal effort.

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